UFO Abductions Down Under

by Michael Cohen (m.cohen@allnewsweb.com)

George is a bank manager who lives in Sydney, Australia. He is aged 34 and single. He has always had stable employment, is tertiary qualified and has no history of any psychological problems. He is as ‘normal’ as the next guy. Other than going to see the odd alien themed movie once in a while he has never taken any interest in UFO related topics: Until last year.
In January 2008 something happened to him that he is unlikely to ever forget.

"It was a hot night. I had the window wide open and was lying in my bed next to it trying to get a cool breeze happening. I was drowsy but definitely not asleep. Then I began floating out my window and over Sydney. I wasn’t nervous but felt a bit surprised, like what the hell was happening. It was as if I had been sedated, thinking back. I saw the city pass by under or at least felt as if it was and then thought I might have been going over some bush or mountains.
I was on a platform and then on some kind of operating table in a chamber within a UFO, I think. I noticed odd ‘furniture’ in the room: if you could call it that- unusual spheres and pyramids. There were beings over me. They appeared to be wearing white robes or togas of some sort. I could not see their faces or any bodily features. Nothing in this UFO chamber looked human. What looked somewhat like a dental or baking instrument was then inserted into my backside and pulled out and put away. I don’t recall the trip back but woke up suddenly back in my bed. It did not feel like I was dreaming. I am certain this really happened.
A UFO abducted me."

Similar experiences have been retold by Sydney residents of all vocations and all ethnic backgrounds. Lawyers, doctors, gardeners and teachers have all told me similar things. Their stories have a remarkable consistency.

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