The Megalithic Ruins of Nan Madol

Within the current state of Micronesia sits the island of Ponphei. Next to the island are a series of 92 small islands and inlets -all man made.
These islands were raised out of the ocean floor, by linning the sea floor with large prismatic basalt logs, some up to 15 feet long and weighing over 5 tons.
These same logs were then stacked to form the buildings that form the islands, some up to 25 feet high.
How any of this was done is still unknown.

[This is a brief 'sketch' of the full 45min. original docu. Below, links to all 5 parts + 1...]
1- Mysterious Ruins
2- Doctor Athens I Presume
3- Venice of the Pacific Remake
4- Excavation at Idehd
5- Kaselehlia Nandauwas
+- A Video Diagram

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