Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses

by Jan Wicherink

Part I: Crosses in the New World
In this article the Maya cross symbols and their association with the Great Celestial Conjunction that is occurring at the end of the Maya Long Count calendar is being discussed. This rare cosmic event is associated with Galactic Alignment which is a particular case of a Great Celestial Conjunction.
As we will demonstrate in this article Maya cross symbols appear in abundance in temples, stelae, stone tablets and other artefacts that are associated with the Maya creation myths and the Maya Sacred Tree.
Most importantly Maya cross symbols appear in Izapa in the stelae that encode the winter solstice sun’s conjunction with the Galactic Equator around era-2012. New information reveals important facts that have been overlooked by John Major Jenkins whose research has connected this site to the Maya’s understanding of a Galactic Alignment that would occur at the end of the Maya Long Count calendar.
The thesis of this article is that the ancient Maya understood that the zodiac cross (cross formed by the solstice and equinox axis) revolves against the backdrop of a fixated cross during a precession cycle. The first cross, the zodiac cross is the Earth Cross while the second cross is the Galactic Cross. The Galactic Cross is the intersection of the Galactic Equator with the ecliptic and the axis perpendicular to this intersection. When the Earth Cross and the Galactic Cross are superimposed they form an 8 pointed cross. The two separate crosses become conjunct and form a single 4 pointed cross during the moments of a Great Celestial Conjunction. After the Great Celestial Conjunction the individual crosses separate again to form an 8 pointed cross again.
Our research has shown that at the heart of the Maya belief system rests the importance of the Great Celestial Conjunctions that are embedded into their belief system by means of the Maya Creation Myths.

Part II: Crosses in the Old World
This article is the sequel to the Great Celestial Conjunction crosses that appear in the New World. In part I the Great Celestial Conjunction was discussed that is occurring in era-2012 when the Earth Cross aligns with the Galactic Cross. It was demonstrated how this knowledge was encrypted in the creation myths and artefacts of the Mesoamerican natives, the Maya and the Aztecs.
In this article it will be shown that the same knowledge also existed in the Old World. This article is meant to demonstrate the principles only and in no way does it claim to be a complete survey of the ancient understanding of precession and Great Celestial Conjunctions. It should be regarded as an eye-opener to the possibility that the ancients understood that there are two crosses involved in the precession cycle that define the moments of the Great Celestial Conjunctions.
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