Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Etznab, 6 Kumku, 4 Eb
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, Be One! and, Be in Joy!) We return with more to discuss. The prosperity programs are tied into multiple aspects of the regime changes which are to take place in several major governments. The diverse levels of legal institutions that are to certify the authenticity of these deliveries are finishing off a series of preliminary procedures. Once finished, these operations can accelerate the drastic changes needed to ensure an unbroken continuity of prosperity. The components involved in the deliveries are awaiting the 'green light' that signals that the actual abundance distributions can go forth in a swift and timely manner. The elements required to legally transfer these governments into caretaker mode are in place, and the difficulties encountered before are now fully corrected. The personnel to man these interim regimes are approved and officially appointed by our Earth allies. Thus the first steps in this quiet revolution are taken, and a careful waiting period is in place which is not expected to last long. All is at the ready, as the final elements in this long drama are locked into place.
The various financial institutions and their allied central banks have fought hard against what is about to happen. Keep in mind that the sheer scale of the changes to be implemented is unheard of in these lofty financial circles. This is a truly divine coup, one which enables our Earth allies to go forward and completely transform the unequal and unregulated system that has controlled the money resources on your world for centuries. We need to thank Saint Germain and a whole group of Ascended Masters, such as Helarion, El Morya, and Quan Yin. These wonderful Souls and their Inner-Earth allies continue to do miraculous work in paving the way for your coming successes. We are most grateful and joyously look forward to having them and the associated Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the Light as an important part of the mass landings. Until then, we are all working diligently to ensure that these complex plans achieve their goals. Understand in your heart that a great deal of inner and outer work is required, and what is close to happening is due to this grand, joint undertaking. The time to celebrate draws near!
This new world is to resemble the one that the Galactic Federation colonists created during the first Lemurian society. This partially spiritual, partially physical empire is the stuff of legends. It was handed down first as oral, and later as written, myth. You will recollect all this once you are in your fully conscious state. These histories are locked in the collective consciousness of the large cetaceans that ply the world's oceans. When you are ready, these glorious record-keepers are to download this data to you. Then you can relive those halcyon days and use the information to help shape your new galactic society. And then there are the legends about Atlantis that you need to go over as well. These can help you to better understand all that has happened since then so that you can decide how to creatively transform all this.
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