A New Theory That Unifies The Forces of Nature

Prof. A. Zielinski*
The earth is expanding. All celestial bodies have magnetic fields that are circular or polar dependent on spin. The magnetic north- and south poles are produced by the earthís spin. The magnetic poles are moving but are on the same spot at the same hour. Every galaxy has more or less a "black hole" that is not a hole at all. The universe is not expanding, there was never a "BIG BANG". Electric power can be generated from eather.


A new exciting discovery of the existence and behavior of aether leads to a new concept of the essence of aether, that is able to explain why the famous Michelson-Morley aether experiment of 1887 failed, explain and unify the forces of nature, explain why quantum theory works and even explain where the universe comes from, and last but not least, shows the gateway to the new source of energy of the future.


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