Moon Lake - JAXA/NHK

[...or, it could very well be a 'dark surface lid' done up by JAXA/NHK to cover-up whatever there might be in the bottom of -yet another- 'geometric' crater... About craters, how is it that so many craters look so perfectly round? The impact trajectories can't all be perpendicular to the surface... which is the only impact trajectory that would leave a 'round' crater -and statistically absurdly improbable! All the others (non-perpendicular, which is to say: highly probable) would leave asymmetrical craters to various degrees: more material being 'bulldozed' -as well as ejected debris- in the direction of the trajectory of impact. But these are the rare kind... 'true impact craters'; and the perfectly round ones (the majority!), well... they have to be something else altogether... -Occam's Razor. And let's not start on the -not so rare- 'hexagon shape' craters... like this one!]

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