2012 Earth Timelines and the Secret Mars Agenda

· 2012 and the Ancient Game: Venus–Sophia and Recruitment to Mars.
by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower


Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
Agent X very much thought that the people he was dealing with were good guys and Puthoff was his hero, he would tell me, because of the zero point energy, remote viewing stuff he was involved in. He tried to get me excited, saying that we had a chance to escape the disaster. It just did not sit well with me, but he wouldn't talk further, and I just hoped it would all fade away as our love would become much more important. At this time I had no idea the power they had over him, or that they were even using anything on him to keep him as an agent and almost a servant to their mission. I was blinded by love too, and I just wanted to not think about it till it came up again. I later found out that they had sent him to find me.
I told him about my friend Ki' Lia and the joint work we were doing to create Goddess Consciousness and also coming up with global strategies and visions of the future with many projects in the works, including celebrations to bring about a real Awakening to All. I told him about her education and he was very impressed. He wanted to talk with her and so they begin a dialogue. There were ideas about her role and mine related to the Mars mission that we were told, but it is only vague to me because I had little interest.
[Here, LME's 2-hour radio interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre...]

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· My recruitment into a classified project involving Time & Quantum Access Technologies, And Gaia’s urgent call for Disclosure.
by Ki’ Lia


Ki’ Lia
Ki’ Lia
This is a glimpse into a personal experience of how a few years ago I, Ki’ Lia, got recruited into an extremely dangerous mission to Mars, and my strange and profound encounter with secret society agents and their use of time and quantum access technologies to manipulate our collective evolution.
This is a revelation about how government agencies currently have been establishing Mars as a survival colony and how the widely-prophesied date of 2012 has been seen as diverging into two major timelines, either catastrophe or transcendence.

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