Beyond Duality

"If only there were evil people somewhere
insidiously committing evil deeds,

and it were necessary only to separate them from
the rest of us and destroy them.

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through
the heart of every human being.

And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"
· Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn ·
www.insightcourse.net - Beyond Duality
In terms of sexuality we are divided into male and female. In terms of money, we are divided into rich and poor. Our lives are filled with these and many other dualities. These dualities can easily lead to a polarization of beliefs and lifestyles. Once large groups of people become strongly polarized against each other, it becomes easy for those supporting one end of the polarization to justify hatred, killing, and even war against the other. Yet is this what we really want?
For thousands of years this world has been focused on duality and polarization. The people and governments of this world have long had a tendency to judge most everything in terms of light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, us vs. them. We've in many ways been indoctrinated to embrace the light as good, while avoiding and separating ourselves from darkness, as we were taught that it is evil. As a result of these deeply ingrained dualities, we've ended up in many deep conflicts and wars both in the world and even inside of ourselves.
By developing clear purpose and intentions and following these to the best of our ability, we can shift from dualistic old paradigm behaviors to develop healthier, more harmonious ways of living with each other.
Humanity is now on the brink of a important paradigm shift. Our world is now shifting with increasing speed from old dualistic ways of thinking to a new paradigm which accepts both light and darkness, both creation and destruction, both us and them as a natural part of life.
It is time to recognize that all of these dualities and polarizations can be valuable aspects of living in a world with human values. Sometimes it's necessary to destroy outdated things and change old ways in order to make way for the new. Seeds need to be buried in the darkness of fertile soil in order to sprout and grow. Let us open to darkness, destruction, and "them" as valued and respected aspects of life which can help us to learn and grow as we work together to find our common humanity.
This is not in the least to suggest that by opening to the darkness we unleash our base desires and do whatever we want to whoever we want. We need to stop behavior that is destructive or disempowering towards people whenever possible. The suggestion, rather, is that even as we stop the destructive behaviors, we do our best to accept and learn from the darkness which can cause such behaviors, so that we can better be the change we want to see.
In other words, even as we stop destructive behaviors, we can open to seeing beyond the behavior to the deeper common humanity we all share. In doing this, we allow for deep healing and transformation to occur. By accepting and embracing the core essence of all people and all parts of ourselves, we open the doors to deep healing and love for all of us.

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