Earth Shift

This shift in consciousness has already been initiated. You are, within this present now, within the beginning throes of this action. Therefore, it is obvious to you that you incorporate confusion, for you have not quite understood what you are engaging. The accomplishment of this being actualized entirely shall be within the next 100 years. (Approx 1985-2085, culminating in the Soul being finally "discovered" by science around 2075) -Elias
You have heard us speak that there is a great polarization that is taking place on your planet. The call has gone out, and within the physical vehicles of many on your planet there is a resonating, a pre-coded chord that has been struck within the souls of certain members of mankind, and they are arising themselves, stretching their being, looking around and waking themselves up in great numbers. There are those who are here to teach, who are here to help others remember, and there are those who refuse, and who will become hardened, and who will become quite rigid in their beliefs, in their understandings. It is this polarization that is occurring at this time. -The Pleiadians
This is indeed the seventh time that the earth will go through what you call a shift, a shift not only of the poles themselves but of the electromagnetic currents that run through her energy fields. The shift in energy will occur from her sixth to her seventh body, preparing humankind to enter into what is called the fourth dimension. You, as 3rd dimensional beings are being prepared to enter into a fourth dimensional awareness. -St. Germain
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