Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

1 Cimi, 9 Pop, 5 Caban
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, 'Be One! Be in Joy!') We come today with many things to discuss with you. The dark cabalists' world continues to deteriorate. All around them they witness the shrinking of their various financial empires. The retrenching of the global financial community is another harbinger of the disaster that awaits them, and panic grips each of the families constituting the inner membership of this diverse dark entity. Yet, even as the dire moment of their destruction looms over them, their malignant scheming slackens not one whit! Each day sees new meetings of their inner circle, in which these dark ones formulate plots they believe can save them from their fate. This belief in their infallibility keeps their irrational self-confidence alive. Our Earth allies are fully determined to smash their bravado and bring these rapscallions to long-overdue account. The world has reached a point where it is necessary to remove these heartless ones from their positions of power and replace them with a leadership founded on Love and a more enlightened worldview.
The plan is to use recently gained advantages to trump the old ways, thereby setting up a new, abundant, and people-friendly financial structure. It is to be a highly transparent structure, which favors a broad-based prosperity that can start to rectify the myriad faults of a limited money system. Your present system is in fact a thinly disguised 'legal' ponzi trick, designed to keep the poor submerged in debt and the wealthy few floating in a vast sea of affluence. It broke down due to the rapacious greed and selfishness of those who ran the system. Another causative factor was the above-mentioned belief in invincibility, fostered in these elites by their dark overlords, the Anunnaki. It is this veritable hubris that ensures their downfall. All around you the horrid results of this out-of-control egotism can be seen. Into this growing power-vacuum flow the solutions proposed by our Earth allies. Recently, the increasing teamwork between certain banks and nations resulted in chances for the Earth allies to fill pivotal positions of influence, and this went unnoticed by the dark cabal until it was too late.
And once your cupboards are cleaned out, you need to move on and carry out the work of introducing the new technologies and the public disclosure of our benevolent existence. We wish to work alongside you in a manner both therapeutic and uplifting to your very Being.
The latter prospect, we know, is currently heretical to most of you. You have been raised in a very barbaric and cruel culture, one that views 'reality' through a lens of xenophobia. Your media plays on your fears by portraying any 'outsiders' as sinister invaders bent on malicious intent! It is high time you learned of your own extraterrestrial origins and came to grips with a history that is far different from the one taught you in school. The shock to your preconceptions is likely to be great. We have studied you for millennia and know of your deep inner fears and multiple insecurities. It is one thing to imagine our arrival and quite another to actually experience it. We have carried out this experiment on innumerable occasions and observed your distaste for this experience. This is why we have put together a public, government-initiated recognition of our presence. This can then be followed by more open interaction between us.
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