Humans Abducted by Hyperdimensional ETs

Empirical, replicable research published by ICAR, the International Community for Alien Research, confirms that a hyperdimensional civilization consisting of amphibian reptilian hybrids and Gray cybernetic clones, have reportedly abducted approximately 1 billion out of the current estimated human population of 6,783,421,727 as of May 31, 2009 or approximately 14.7 percent of the present world population. These 1 billion human abductees, according to the replicable empirical research, – have had their consciousness and and/or their physical bodies taken by a quantum, hyperdimensional process, and returned to their original location (and in some cases original time) with erased memories of the abduction. Memories of the hyperdimensional abduction retrieved through hypnotic regression and similar techniques reveal consistent patterns during the abductions, related to a covert agenda toward the human species by this hyperdimensional species. One earlier study in the 2002 Roper Poll concluded that 2% of the U.S. population (now estimated at 306,587,601 on June 4, 2009) - had been abducted, or approximately 6.1 million persons by current figures.
This research has been made public in exclusive interviews with Joseph Montaldo, International Director of ICAR that can be heard on ExopoliticsRadio.org.
The canon of conventional academic science is that alien abductions are a psychodynamic artifact. One source states: “The abduction phenomenon has garnered substantial attention from mainstream scientists and mental health professionals, who overwhelmingly doubt that the phenomenon occurs literally as reported and who have proposed a variety of alternate explanations, including ‘[d]eception, suggestibility (fantasy-proneness, hypnotizability, false-memory syndrome), personality, sleep phenomena, psychopathology, psychodynamics [and] environmental factors.’”
[...] Yet this view is contradicted by replicable empirical studies carried out by ICAR according to standard protocols. These studies reveal that while some small percentage of alien abduction experiences are so-called “MILAB” or military abductions, the bulk of alien abductions are by a hyperdimensional civilization of amphibian-reptilians and their cybernetic accomplices, the Gray hyperdimensional civilizations.
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