Handbook For The New Paradigm by George Green


[To read the .pdf of Handbook for the New Paradigm, click on the image above, or here]

[Para leer el .pdf de Manual para el Nuevo Paradigma, en castellano, ir aquí]


wh said...

thank you for your work! we need it don't we...people like you, willing to "tell it like it is"...thanks again!! George's book is deep, really should be mandatory reading for everyone..if only everyone was interested in the "truth"...:-)

I N P h o b e said...

I think that, somehow, we're all interested in the 'truth'. The problem comes when we can't recognize 'it', and then we look for someone's 'take' on that truth... it's been a long time now since we used our own tools to find that elusive 'truth'. I'm starting to believe that it's all a matter of 'resonance within': truth, at soul level, sounds 'true'.
(@ wh: thanks for the 'flowers'... much appreciated! In lak'ech)