Crop Circle (Nº 8) Depicts A Time Map

[Cliff High (halfpasthuman.com, webbot), analyses pictogram Nº 8, @ Clatford - nr Manton, Wiltshire - reported May 4, 2009]

I[Cliff High] doubt that this latest crop glyph is a sigil as it is not asymmetric, as all, meaningful, sigils, are. As is explained in the annotated diagrams of the crop circle(glyph) below, this latest orb-created glyph is bi-laterally symmetrical, as no sigil *can* be an still retain value as a code. Also let us note now that sigils are an attempt to disguise information through coding, not communicate it. Sooooo....it does not make sense to me that these orb-dudes would go to all the trouble to create these glyphs only to then use forms that 'obscure' information, as do sigils.....my conclusion therefore is that this glyph is NOT a sigil, and, assuming that it is intended to create effective communications, a different interpretation *could* be extracted.

Preliminary conclusion:
There are more elements and combinations of elements which can be also interpreted with archetypic, and hopefully 'universal' themes, but they are also going to the point already made, which is to say that the Clatford crop glyph is likely NOT a sigil, intending to obscure, but rather is more likely a temporal reference 'map' intending to point us toward the alignment of the earth (from the earth's view point) with the Milky Way galactic central on 12.21.2012, at 11:11 am. There are also hints within the further analysis at the archetypic level to examine the 'half cycles', or 13,0000 years and what happened then.....or so it would seem.
Further conclusions are able to be extracted from the higher levels of reality, such as the 'apparent' attempt to over lay the 'hoax' label on this particular glyph, as well as the 'rapt and rabid' attention being paid to crop circles/glyphs by the British and American military organizations, as well as several very 'key' corporations.
The amount of effort going into 'rubbishing' this particular glyph brings up the natural response of 'why'? What makes this communications so special?
[For the complete analysis, go to: halfpasthuman.com]

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