A new path for Europe[a.k.a. the Globalist 'Staged' Manifesto]

·Society led by markets and profits has failed [...this is how they appeal to you]. We[the globalists] are offering an alternative for the democratic left. [...be very careful reading this!]


The economic wreckage of market failure is spreading across Europe. The G-20 summit has begun a global effort to repair the system, but there must be no going back to business as usual. Neoliberal capitalism is destructive and unsustainable - we must create a new economy that is secure, green[hum, this sounds fishy already...] and fair. To this end, we are launching our declaration for a social Europe: Building the Good Society: The Project of the Democratic Left.

Ten years ago, Tony Blair[bilderberger, CFR, trilateral, 33º freemason,...] and Gerhard Schröder[bilderberger, CFR, trilateral, 33º freemason,...], the then German chancellor, published their declaration for a European Third Way. Social democrats were in government in almost all the EU countries. Economies were booming, and neoliberal capitalism was uncritically embraced. Today, social democrats are out of government almost everywhere and the neoliberal model is in crisis. The era of the Third Way is over, and class inequality remains the defining structure of society[...and they love it!].


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