Hi-tech controls will trap these bogus students

·Anyone who wants to see Britain's borders protected from potential terrorists[!!!] should welcome the new immigration plans.[...talk about fear mongering!]


Over the past year we have introduced the most significant changes to our immigration system since the Second World War. The problem in the past was not that it was too easy to get into Britain. The problem was that it was too easy to stay here.

The overhaul of our policy is most visible when it comes to student visas - an area highlighted in recent days by The Times after the arrest of a number of Pakistani citizens, in Britain on student visas, for allegedly being involved in a terrorist plot.

The changes to the immigration system will take some time to come into effect but the howls of protest from some on campuses suggest that they are already having an impact.

The changes for colleges, universities and students are primarily aimed at stopping abuse of student visas - whether using non-existent courses to obtain one, non-attendance by students or overstaying on a visa. Everyone who is honest in the immigration industry knows that student overstaying has been the immigration system's Achilles' heel.

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