God Was An Alien From Space

·by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

God Was An Alien From ET From Space
God was an alien extra terrestrial from space. It is hard for a religious person to accept that God was an alien ET from space.
All our past writings from the first words ever written in the first languages we have compared as the major three (3) all point to the heavens now commonly called space.
Even if one does not believe in aliens as extra-terrestrials and celestials in space, that person can combine their own logic and reasoning with that of others who provide scientific artifacts based on history of others who came before that left clues on earth.
Those who choose to not believe in what we refer to as religions can refer to history and folklore for some answers that will still include anthropology and ontology.
There is a new awareness happening on earth that is awakening the human spirit. We all have a body-mind-spirit most will agree with that. But even this basic statement can bring on arguments.
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