AIDS: The Greatest Deadly Lie in the History of Medicine

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Mankind is facing a new threat of swine flu. A few years earlier, bird flu and SARS caused panic all over the world. AIDS has been on the top of the list of “scary” diseases for thirty years.
Where are the millions of victims of SARS and bird flu? Where is deserted Africa allegedly doomed for total extinction from AIDS? Gor Shirdel, M.D. of Irish descent who is currently practicing in Kiev, has cured two patients from AIDS.
“I don’t believe that AIDS is incurable. Weak immune system is an issue that has been around for at least 200 years. It can be solved. Viruses found in the blood of those with AIDS is not the cause of the disease, it’s a consequence of immunodeficiency.
"The world thinks AIDS is incurable because two doctors, an American Robert Gallo and a Frenchman Luc Montagnier, managed to convince the world in the early 1980s that AIDS is caused by the "human immune deficiency virus" (HIV). Montagnier even received a Nobel Prize for his “discovery.” Yet, they cannot find this virus in the human body. AIDS patients are diagnosed through the tests that register antibodies in blood, not HIV.
"These antibodies are developed in blood serum when any virus or bacteria enters the body. The same happens in case of flu, or any other illness or a shot, etc. When antibodies are found in the blood serum, it does not mean that there is a virus in the blood. Positive HIV tests shock patients because proponents of infectious AIDS convinced everyone that an HIV-positive patient will sooner or later die, and that this disease is incurable.
"I think this is the result of purposeful policy of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention whose annual budget for combating AIDS amounts to two billion dollars.
"However, there are over six thousand outstanding doctors and scientists in the world who voice their arguments against the opinion that AIDS is incurable. They include Peter Duesberg, PhD., the author of “Inventing the AIDS Virus,” Kary Mullis, a biochemist and Nobel laureate, and Robert Willner, the author of “Deadly Deception.”

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