What 'skeptics' really believe about vaccines, medicine, consciousness and the universe

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[Skeptics' Narrowminded View...]
In the world of medicine, "skeptics" claim to be the sole protectors of intellectual truth. Everyone who disagrees with them is just a quack, they insist. Briefly stated, "skeptics" are in favor of vaccines, mammograms, pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy. They are opponents of nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, chiropractic care, massage therapy, energy medicine, homeopathy, prayer and therapeutic touch.
But there's much more that you need to know about "skeptics." As you'll see below, they themselves admit they have no consciousness and that there is no such thing as a soul, a spirit or a higher power. There is no life after death. In fact, there's not much life in life when you're a skeptic.
This information was pulled from various "skeptic" websites:
  • Skeptics believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective (even if they've never been tested), that ALL people should be vaccinated, even against their will, and that there is NO LIMIT to the number of vaccines a person can be safely given.
  • Skeptics believe that fluoride chemicals derived from the scrubbers of coal-fired power plants are really good for human health.
  • Skeptics believe that people of all ages can be safely given an unlimited number of drugs all at the same time: Antidepressants, cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, diabetes drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping drugs and more -- simultaneously!
  • Skeptics believe that the human body has no ability to defend itself against invading microorganism.
  • Skeptics believe that pregnancy is a disease and childbirth is a medical crisis. (They are opponents of natural childbirth.)
  • Skeptics believe that DEAD foods have exactly the same nutritional properties as LIVING foods.
  • Skeptics believe that all the phytochemicals and nutrients found in ALL plants are inert.
  • Skeptics believe that pesticides on the crops are safe, genetically modified foods are safe, and that any chemical food additive approved by the FDA is also safe.
  • Skeptics believe that water has no role in human health other than basic hydration.
  • Skeptics believe that there is no such thing as human consciousness.
  • Skeptics do not believe in hypnosis.

[...and the aftermath...]

- 'Skeptics' article stirs up condemnation from skeptics, praise from holistic thinkers
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