It Wasn't Muslims...

[It's about 9/11, and it's very -very- thorough...]
Take Our World Back!
This site [www.takeourworldback.com] is anti-war, anti-deception, anti-crime, pro-liberty, and dedicated to establishing the reality behind the subterfuge. We present compelling evidence that a ruthless, highly-organized, crooked cabal has achieved substantial influence over governments and the mainstream media, with the ultimate goal of establishing a global dictatorship.
The symptoms are only too apparent: wars based on a pack of lies; terror attacks riddled with anomalies and blamed on an ever-elusive enemy; the paring away of national sovereignties; regular tax increases with nothing positive to show for it; an inexorable trend towards authoritarian government; political correctness gone mad; a continuous real-time Stalinesque rewriting of history and a preponderance of spin over substance; corrupt leaders who get away with almost anything; declining education ... the list goes on.
These events are no accident, or unintended consequence of government inefficiency; they are by design. The decent, conscientious majority of all races and faiths must stand shoulder to shoulder in wresting back control of our nations and our futures from this corrupt clique, and the associated motley bunch of knaves, cretins, flunkeys and parasites. Their power base is a fragile house of cards, built upon a foundation of myths. Expose the myths to a critical mass and the whole rotten edifice will come crumbling down. Time is fast running out, but we do have one great asset. When they conceived their brilliant, diabolical Machiavellian programme for world domination, the crime syndicate failed to foresee the rise of the internet. We must not waste this opportunity, there may never be a better chance to rekindle the flames of liberty and justice without great bloodshed.
It Wasn't Muslims...
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