Wireless Energy Transfer (FREE Energy)

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1. Nikola Tesla devised a wireless transmitter of energy. The realization of wireless technology would probably demand a construction of many generators in the desert. From the technical point of view, energy balance should be demanded.
The European Project:
Huge Solar Power Plant with Tesla Transmiters in Sahara.
The Earth ground has negative charge - the air above its surface is saturated by electrons. The engines could have microprocessor control to eliminate variation of atmosphere electrostatic charge. The lighting from Tesla transmiters to the ionosphere in Sahara would come on only in the case electrostatic Earth charge is decreased. I[Michal Martinů] see this as a very good idea, because such a power plant would require no maintenance and there would be no refuse from it. There are close to no inhabitants in the Sahara, I[MM] think this large area with strong sun shine could be used with no problems to power real autos in Europe, because Sahara and Europe lay on the same Earth meridian. The biggest consumption would be in the day in Europe, when there is the biggest sun shine in Sahara. We'll need to have a spherical capacitor between ionosphere and the ground, which is necessary to charge.

2. I[MM] think that the Edwin Gray engine draws energy for its operation from the electrostatic Earth charge found in its surrounding environment. (They were afraid at that time that the engine could not run in tunnels). To develope Real Autos Navigated and Controled by Galileo Satellite System and by Cameras and Sensors. I believe the Edwin Gray engine is much more environmentally friendly than combustion engines and it can even be screened by the Faraday cage to remove electromagnetic pollution.

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