Jessica Schab - Project Camelot

A Crystal Child.
Representative of the younger and very awakened generation who are well-informed; deeply concerned about world events, and aware of the need for mankind to grow spiritually in order to transcend the myriad of problems we all face together.
In this video Jessica speaks openly and emotionally about her personal journey, her family, and some of the bewildering experiences she has encountered. Her weaknesses are her dyslexia, and that she has not yet fully integrated her many experiences and perceptions; her strengths are her openness and her determination [and i would add her 'confianza'] to bring a message to those who can hear it from her. She sees herself as a newly-arrived teacher and a messenger.

[Para ver la versión subtitulada al castellano, ir aquí.]
[To learn more about Jessica Schab, go here.]
[Jessica will speak @ Barcelona's II Congreso de Ciencia y Espíritu on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009.]

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