Google & 23andme (Brave New Espousal)

Google & 23andme (Brave New Espousal)Google & 23andme (Brave New Espousal)
[First], here are some of the interlocking money flows:
  • Google has given money to its founder's[Sergei Brin] wife's[Anne Wojcicki] firm 23AndMe, which in turn has given money (or other consideration) to Airship Ventures, owned by Google itself (it would appear) and by Google vendor, and public Google advocate, Esther Dyson [Keep this name in mind!].
  • Google has given money and/or co-invested with "futurist" Dyson, who has in turn given money to 23AndMe, a Google investment co-founded by it's own co-founder's[S.B.] wife[A.W.].
  • 23AndMe gives money to Google, for office space, while Google gives money to 23AndMe as an investment; 23AndMe then hires Airship Ventures, whose profits then go to Google as an (apparent) owner, and to Google defender Dyson as another owner.
  • Dyson's investment, 23AndMe, hired Airship Ventures, another Dyson investment.
Sergei Brin(Google) & wife, Anne Wojcicki(23andme) Esther Dyson, Futurist
[Left, Sergei Brin (Google), and wife, Anne Wojcicki (23andme) - Right, Esther Dyson, 'Futurist']

There are also some softer, stranger relationships:
  • Esther Wojcicki, mother-in-law to Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, and mother to 23AndMe founder, Anne Wojcicki, has promoted both Airship Ventures and Google Docs in the Huffington Post. She once worked for Google as an educational consultant.
  • NASA allows Airship Ventures to dock at Moffet Field, saying its craft will be used for scientific investigations. It also allows Google's founders to park their party jets there, citing similar reasons.
[Source: valleywag.gawker.com]

[So now, why is Google investing in it? Is it mearly an incestual/commercial interest? Eugenics?! What is 23andme?]

Introduced last November, the 23andMe Personal Genome Service offers customers a glimpse at their own DNA sequence, a 750-megabyte string of four characters (A, C, T and G) that functions as the operating system for a human being[!!!]. Common variations in this code can influence the structure and function of the associated wetware in predictable ways. Some of these variations and their effects on traits such as athletic talent, pain sensitivity and avoidance of errors will be discussed in reference to three well-documented examples (Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt).


[Learn more about this 'eugenics corporation' here: www.23andme.com]

[And one last image...]
Anne Wojcicki with NWO-Mafia Boss, Sir Richard Branson
[Anne Wojcicki with NWO-Mafia Boss, Sir Richard Branson]
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