Benjamin Fulford Blog -11.02.2009

· Chaos continues with 103 senior bankers murdered and over 1000 arrested.
The cabal that has controlled finance is fighting a desperate rear-guard action as the net continues to close around it. The death toll has now reached 103 bankers, most of them killed by the Bush Nazi cabal in order to silence them. Jeffry Picower, the Madoff associate found drowned in his pool, was murdered by the cabal because he was a link between the Madoff funds and bribed politicians in Washington D.C., according to MI6. He was held under water by operatives using rubber gloves in order to leave no evidence of foul play.
Meanwhile the backers of the new banking system have arrested over 1000 bankers and charged them with fraud. Now that the October 27th deadline has past, the arrests will accelerate over the coming weeks and soon the members of the Cabal will have to start killing each other as they desperately try to shake off the investigative dragnet.
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[And to corroborate this...]
These Are Dead Bankers
www.shadowtraders.com - Dead Banker Redux
UPDATED: 10.03.2009
These are bankers, financiers, hedge fund managers and a US congressman, who have all died under suspicious circumstances since the market took a dive.
Andrei Kozlov, Central Banker - http://tw5.us/LK
Seth Tobias, CNBC Contributer and Hedge Fund Mgr. - http://tw5.us/LJ
Paul Gillmore, US Congressman - http://tw5.us/LI
Oleg Zhukovsky, Hedge Fund Mgr. - http://tw5.us/LL
Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, Hedge Fund Mgr. - http://tw5.us/LM
Michael Klein, Hedge Fund Mgr. - http://tw5.us/LN
Peter Wuffli, Hedge Fund Mgr. - http://tw5.us/LO
Kirk Wright, Hedge Fund Mgr. - http://tw5.us/LP
Alex Widmer, CEO Bank of Switzerland - http://tw5.us/LQ
Adolph Merckle, German Financier - http://tw5.us/LR
Kirk Stephenson, Wall Street Banker - http://tw5.us/LS
David Kellerman, FreddieMac CFO - http://tw5.us/L8
William Parente, NY Tax Attorney (+Wife and 2 Children) - http://tw5.us/Pf
Richard Egan, Co-Founder EMC - http://bit.ly/rD1zb
Anjool Malde, Deutsche Bank Equity Sales - http://bit.ly/6nboj
Finn Casperson, Former Head of Beneficial - http://bit.ly/wY84B
Danny Pang, Newport Beach Financier - http://bit.ly/RYTxK
James MacDonald, Rockefeller CEO - http://bit.ly/voiwm
Chris Kelly, Blagojevich Fundraiser - http://bit.ly/gq6uG
James Vellanti, JNF Asset Management LLC - http://bit.ly/12CvAv

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