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The president of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc., Eric Lerner, announced the successful assembly of FF-1 at the Conference on Future Energy in Washington DC on October 10.
The baby is born! After seven years of theoretical work and raising money, five months of design, five months of construction and assembly, and a week of testing, LPP now has a functioning dense plasma focus, Focus-Fusion-1. The first shot, using helium as the fill gas, was achieved at 5:29 PM, Oct.15, and the first pinch was achieved at 6:04 PM on the second shot. The fact that we achieved a pinch so soon was evidence of the soundness of our design. The shots were produced with a charging potential of 20 kV, a bit less than half the full bank charge of 45 kV. We will not know the exact current achieved until we reduce some instrumental noise in the next few days. It is probably around 0.9 MA and within 10% of our predictions.
LPP is especially indebted to Dr. Thompson for the outstanding work he has done in the detailed design of FF-1 and in his unflappable leadership and very long hours of hard work in constructing the device over the past six weeks.
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