Alienevent LA - 11.14-15.2009

· Presented by New Hope for Humanity Group.
· A Project by Alienshift.
LIVE from Guatemala!
The 'Wisdom-Prophecy Convergence of 2012 and Beyond' with Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa, Angelic Oracle Kira Raa and special guest Mayan Elders' Elder Don German.
This powerful trio will appear via tele-conference to share the MAYA's true experience of these times and the times ahead.
Our galactic heritage is calling us and visionary pioneers Sri & Kira will share wisdom and revelations as to our next steps on the planet and how to navigate the energies that are presenting themselves now. Powerful Wisdom Keeper and Mayan Elders' Elder Don German has agreed to share LIVE the true unfoldment of the Mayan Calendar and how we can all participate in this great shift of the ages. Please note that Don German only speaks his native language and spanish; we will be interpreting as he shares! Gather your friends and spread the word, this is a truly powerful moment, the moment when all traditions can come together, transcend the boundaries of language, planet and origin and come together for the greater cause...the positive upliftment of our planet.
Mayan Elder's Elder Don German:
While many of the elders have begun to "westernize" and adapt the ancient ceremonies and teachings to appeal to greater audiences and garner personal gain, this humble and revered Elder has continuously and diligently held the integrity of the Maya and the Mayan calendar for decades.
A highland Maya of direct lineage of high priests, Don German continues to hold ceremony daily on behalf of the world and is unwavering in his dedication to assist our planet at a time of great transition.
This senior statesman of the Maya is the one whom the better known "westernized" high priests seek out when they are in need of their own ceremonies and purification from their travels.
When one is in the presence of Don German one can only describe the gift as "a sublime marriage of ceremony, clarity and true spiritual connection."
Don German knows that we are at the great moment of the reunification of the Eagle and the Condor and through this knowing he is sharing his wisdom without holding back. Beyond the seeking of fame or fortune, his message is simple yet profound: Remember who you are and live together in peace!
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