The Tonawanda Whitefish and the Apocalypse

The stink of it reaches into the heavens. The residents of the moon are experiencing a regularity of dry heaves from the stench of the ugly activities of the world’s number one predator nation. For sixty years, the Zionist Israeli has practiced a vicious genocide upon the Palestinian people; the true Semitics of the Bible whom they seek to displace with their AshkeNazi lies of precedence. Do not wonder at the use of the term Anti-Semitic instead of Anti-Jew. It is for the sole purpose of claiming a Semitic origin that does not exist. It is a manufactured fable.
This tightly woven band of psychopaths has its operations at all levels of the American and European economy which they have single-handedly brought to its knees through their control of the central banks and their various operations of fraud in the various stock markets around the world.
You may wish that I did not say these things and you may wish that they were not true but regardless of your ability to shit in one hand and wish in the other, these things need be said and these things are true. Point it out and the guilty party screams about discrimination with the stolen goods in his hand. All considerations of pederast priests aside, in the days of the Cosa Nostra they never involved their church in their operations. Of course, that church had long before gone into business for itself.
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