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·Benjamin Fulford seminar - “History of Postwar Japanese Darkness”, towards political world reorganization and Heisei restoration - 07.26.2009
[ATTENTION: Translated from the japanese using Babelfish]
The numerous drama which can unfold Nagatacho which disturbs every day mass communications in the stage. 55 years collapse of the Liberal Democratic Party administration which continues will get near, in the future all scandals probably will become publicity. General election will approach immediately, this country is changed from root, it has been about that the “Heisei restoration” “of Meiji restoration” later will visit.
After the war, Japan became the American colony completely. In order to maintain the colony control, America domesticated Japan beautifully making use of “assassination” and “bribe” and “brainwashing” etc. Concerning “the history of that postwar Japanese darkness”, it includes the fact which is not revealed until now and explains in detail. Concrete contents: The education deterioration with GHQ, false right wing, North Korea, Soka academic society, politician assassination, all the reverse side construction, bribe construction and main scandal to Kakuei Tanaka, mass communications training, Dentsu and Japan Federation of Economic Organizations. In addition as “the reverse side construction in Japan with CIA” and especially an important theme about “the construction which crushes the Japanese after the bubble economy”.
“Why has Japan presently held the illness?”In order to understand, postwar Japanese “secret” is not known and the [te] does not become. And “up-to-date reverse side information of the political world reorganization which occurs from now on”, “does life of the citizen after the Heisei restoration how change?”, “does the relationship of Japan between the world how change concerning it explains?”, and so on.
As for Japan changing truly? The political world which how becomes. The Japan which how becomes. By all means, please come to hearing.
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