Sleeping on a problem can really solve it

·Sleeping on a problem really can help solve it, claim scientists who discovered a nap can improve your powers of creativity.
Researchers found that people were able to think more laterally and quickly after a snooze and that if they dreamed the ability was even more enhanced.
The scientists believe that "incubating" a problem often leads to a solution but that the effect was increased when people entered a phase of sleep known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM).
They believe that REM- which occurs most predominantly just before we awake – helps the brain make connections between unrelated subjects.
[...] it appears REM sleep especially helps achieve new solutions by allowing the brain to make new and useful associations between unrelated ideas.
"We found that – for creative problems that you've already been working on – the passage of time is enough to find solutions," said Prof Mednick. "However, for new problems, only REM sleep enhances creativity."
The researchers said that the findings suggested that sleep was a creative process and underlined the recommendation by Nobel Prize winning chemist Friedrich Kekule who said we must "learn to dream".

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