Element 112 has been officially recognised

Some information about element 112: it is the heaviest known element in the periodic table, around 277 times more massive than hydrogen. Scientists from Germany, Finland, Russia and Slovakia were involved in the experiments surround its discovery, a team of 21 in total. There isn't that much of this stuff around: the first atom was created by Hofmann's team in 1996; six years later a research team at the RIKEN Discovery Research Institute in Japan produced another atom.
To make the atoms of element 112, physicists fired zinc ions (atomic number 30) around a 120m particle accelerator at a lead target (atomic number 82), causing the nuclei of the atoms to fuse.
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UFO Propulsion
"The power source is a reactor which uses element 115 as its fuel. In this reactor element 115 is used as a target and is bombarded with protons in a small, highly sophisticated particle accelerator. When a proton fuses into the nucleus of an atom of 115, it is transmuted and becomes an atom of element 116. Although we too can transmute elements here on earth, it is typically not done in this fashion, or at anywhere near this level of efficiency. Furthermore, we have yet to produce anything heavier than element 112.
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