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Greek philosophers Plato and Pythagoras were the first ones to assign a set value to geometry and concluded that geometry forms the basis principle in the arrangement of the world and the universe. Having said that, the Egyptians, Maya and other ancient cultures long before their time built their sanctuaries according to these geometric proportions. Because of the unmatched beauty and harmony of these perfect proportions the geometric patterns that reoccur in nature with great regularity are called Sacred Geometry.
The universe is shaped according to set geometric proportions. The perhaps most famous example is the Golden Ratio, a special geometric value that occurs everywhere on earth. These mathematical proportions can be recognised in everything: from the atoms and the stars to manmade architectural structures. Our brain recognises Sacred Geometric shapes and forms at subconscious level. This innate knowledge is a universal part of the human brain and leads inevitably to the fact that people tend to experience certain emotions when concentrating on these shapes. The brain, however, doesn’t always recognise where this is coming from, because geometry enters the subconscious mind in an unfiltered manner.
Some simple examples of Sacred Geometric shapes are, amongst others, the circle, and the sphere the Golden Ratio. More complex forms are for example the five Platonic Solids: Tetrahedron – Hexahedron (cube) – Octahedron – Dodecahedron – Icosahedron. The water clusters in our body, for example, are organised according to this norm. Our subconscious mind recognises these forms by itself, even when we are usually not aware of this.

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