Ida, suppossed 'missing link' fossil, most likely a lemur.

Fellow scientists denounced the discovery as hype and criticised Dr Hurum, saying that the purchase could stimulate a black market in fossils.
The skeleton, which other palaeontologists say is far more likely to be an ancestor of lemurs and bush babies than human beings, was unearthed in the Messel pit, a renowned fossil site near Darmstadt in Germany, in 1983. The anonymous collector kept it in his basement until it was sold to Dr Hurum in 2007.
The Ida team is facing opposition over its scientific interpretation of the fossil, which it claims is a “missing link” between humans, apes and monkeys and their distant past. They suggest that, if not a direct ancestor, Ida lies on the broad ancestral branch, known as the haplorhines, that led to monkeys, apes and humans. “She’s on our ancestral line,” Dr Hurum said.
It is thought that the majority of palaeontologists believe that Ida is more likely to lie on the strepsirhine branch that led to modern-day lemurs.
Dr Beard says that further examination of the fossil will eventually lead to it being placed on the lemur line.
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