William Henry on Stargates



William Henry 's breakthrough research on stargates in ancient art, myth and texts has been documented in 14 books and numerous DVD programs. Hundreds of thousands of listeners hear him regularly as the co-host of Whitley Strieber 's Dreamland. He ?is also a regular contributor on Coast to Coast AM? with George Noory.

In his temple-quests in Egypt, France, Scotland and America, William uncovered and followed a visual code of this Way to the Stars in ancient art. What he discovered and brought to the world 's attention is truly amazing. The symbolism used by the ancients to depict their gods traveling the stars matches that used by modern science to symbolize wormholes.

To watch William Henry's great interview on CMN go here...

...or to learn more about William Henry's work, go here: www.williamhenry.net

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