Scientists find genetic clues to how autism can develop

autism, genetics, milk, cell phones, emf, vaccines, mercuryScientists have found the first substantial evidence that autism may be caused by genetic differences that damage the connection in the brain in early childhood.
Three studies have identified genetic variations which may help explain the origins of the condition, including one that could account for as many as 15% of autism cases.
Two papers published online in Nature, by Hakon Hakonarson and colleagues at the Centre for Applied Genomics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, show that, mutations in genes[...mutations caused by what?! They don't go into this, now, do they?] that play a role in establishing connections within a child's brain, increase his or her chances of developing autism. While a single genetic variant may pose a small increased risk for a child, the researchers claim to have identified variants that may explain up to 15% of the prevalence of autism.
The exact causes of autism are still unknown[...see what I mean?], and many experts believe the type of behaviour that leads to people being diagnosed with autism may have more than one cause, she added. Other theories advanced in recent years as potential contributory factors include drinking during pregnancy, older fathers and early television viewing, though none has been substantiated.

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