Earth's atmosphere is CO2 impoverished

"And if co2science and many other excellent sources are right on the benefits of carbon/CO2 (and I believe they are), then there is no need for us to reduce our carbon footprint, decarbonize our economies, reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, cap and trade on CO2, tax carbon, or engage any other endeavors to limit the basis and food of all life. In fact, according to paleo-climate records, our atmosphere is still "CO2 impoverished".
Dangerous levels of CO2 are not reached till up around 5,000 ppm to 10,000 ppm, and some sources suggest that CO2 levels are not dangerous till 15,000 ppm (see co2science.org, "Does high CO2 harm humans" under Health Effects at CO2: General or http://co2science.org/subject/questions/1998/91598q1.php). The low levels of atmospheric CO2 that we have been experiencing in this latest ice era are the real problem for life on Earth. Life evolved over the past 600 million years at the more healthy average level of 1500 ppm.
And when CO2 was at 7000 ppm there was no dangerous global warming. When it was at 4,400 ppm during the Late Ordovician Period, Earth was as cold as it is now. So also over the past 150 years." Wendell Krossa on CCNet April 20.
[Source: Heliogenic Climate Change]

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