They're Censoring Your Reality

Alex Jones: They're Censoring Your Reality
In this video, from August 4th 2008, Alex discusses in detail the serious issue of Internet censorship and how it is affecting us. The only winners of this censorship are the governments and corporate oligarchies who want to severely restrict our freedom of speech and our ability to acquire factual information from independent news sites. If you sit by and do nothing about the info you hear in this video, you are effectively kissing goodbye to the Internet as we know it. By 2012, the 'powers-that-be' plan to turn the Internet into nothing more than a glorified cable TV system where access to anything other than mainstream sites will be highly restricted - just like in communist China. We cannot allow this to happen. Only the power of the people can stop this. If we fail to voice our views on this issue NOW, the Internet as we know it will be gone forever and important sites like InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com will not be there for us anymore. I cannot stress enough how important this issue is. Please go to InfoWars.com and check out the links covering Internet censorship and you'll see what I mean. Copy and paste the articles and email them to everyone you know, including the mainstream news sites. Post the articles on MySpace and as many other forums as you can. You can also download this video and upload it to your channel and to other video sites. We need to make a big noise over this, otherwise they'll go full steam ahead with their plans to dismantle the Internet by 2012. Once the Internet is gone, it's gone forever, and there won't be any complaints departments to complain to when you want the old Internet back. The time to take action is NOW.
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