EU Approves Amflora, BASF's Genetically Optimized Starch Potato

According to 'The Chemical Company',
  • BASF plans to start commercial cultivation in 2010[!!]
  • Amflora will increase the competitiveness of the European starch industry[?!]

Amflora, BASF's Genetically Optimized Starch Potato - www.basf.com BASF - 'The Chemical Company'
Ludwigshafen , Germany – March 2, 2010 – Today the European Commission approved Amflora, BASF's genetically optimized starch potato, for commercial application in Europe. The potato can now be used for the production of industrial starch.

"After waiting for more than 13 years, we are delighted that the European Commission has approved Amflora," said Stefan Marcinowski, member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE. “We hope, that this decision is a milestone for further innovative products that will promote a competitive and sustainable agriculture in Europe.”

"The way is now clear for commercial cultivation of Amflora this year," said Peter Eckes, President of BASF Plant Science. "Amflora will strengthen the international position of the European potato starch industry."

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) confirmed on several occasions during the approval process that Amflora is safe for humans, animals and the environment.[!!!]
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