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Magnetic Amplification and Neutralization - www.gap-power.com
Magnetic Amplification and Neutralization can be used in many applications. A motor[below] just seemed the most logical for demonstration purposes.

Basically what's happening in the photo [above] is this: With no current applied to the coil, the magnetism from the permanent magnet travels through the core of the coil, making the core part of the permanent magnet. When electricity is applied to the coil, (+ -), it greatly amplifies the magnetism over and above what would normally be the combined force of the electro-magnet and the permanent magnet. It's actually 2.9 times the power of the permanent magnet. When the polarity is switched, (- +), the magnetism at the face end of the coil is gone. Simply stopped. At 18 volts, 95.31 percent of the power produced by the [below] motor is generated by the permanent magnet. The electro-magnet is just simply acting as a switch, which at the appropriate time, is turning on and off the magnetism from the permanent magnet.
Magnetic Amplification and Neutralization Motor - www.gap-power.com
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