Royal Navy Flotilla Withdrawn BEFORE Haiti Disaster

The Iron Duke arrived back from the Caribbean last month - www.timesonline.co.uk
[The Iron Duke arrived back from the Caribbean last month]
A Royal Navy flotilla that might have provided relief in the first hours after the Haitian earthquake was withdrawn weeks before the disaster because of budget constraints, the Ministry of Defence said.
Naval sources told The Times that the unpublicised cut marked the first time that the Royal Navy has had a significant gap in cover in the Caribbean since the 17th century [!!!].
[So, after hundreds of years (and of all kind of economic crisis -downfall of the empire, loss of colonies, the great depression, wars and more wars, etc...), they've decided to 'cut back' on their military presence in a region with so many of their money-laundering, paradise-isles?? Ha!!!]

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