NSA's Alien Computer Data

by Ed Komarek
Suppressing UFO/ET truth is like breaking a vase and shattering it into many small fragments. Making matters even worse, dis-informers and con artists scatter disinformation fragments about the UFO field to further confuse the fragment collector and comparative analyst's reconstruction of UFO/ET reality.
As we go about the process of collecting and sifting through extraterrestrial information to reconstruct extraterrestrial reality, some of these small real fragments can really expand our conceptual horizons.

"A PROBABLE EVENT. The Seventh Crash / Retrieval, S.E. Utah
"The Procyon ship was a medium size vessel 110 ft in diameter, which was retrieved in the Utah desert in 1955, and was particularly valued and virtually undamaged. The special team led by John R. Pierce, who with his extraordinary mind working with Stan Ulam and Dr. Bethe, cracked the encryptedaccess routines, and were astonished at the size of the display catalogs, which totaled over 76 Terabytes of data, unthinkable then.
"The catalogs included; a galactic travel guide to over 4,000 worlds, a reference library ships manual, a gravity propulsion / engineering and operations, an encyclopedic view of the politics, culture, language, mathematics, biology, weapons, law enforcement rules and protocols of thousands of worlds -earth archive records back a quarter million years...
"Such wonders as, the complete genomic upgrade program for proto humans for the same interval. Star maps with millions of 3 dimensional views and a hyper spatial map for 50 parsecs, holographic records of rim political unions and governance for half a million years. Several E- books of terabytes, estimated in human terms of two hundred thousand human texts. This included a shocking guide to advanced 'Soul Transfer / Clone host engineering' library, and a collection of poetry of 10,000 worlds, some of this used hyper-Scripts with telepathic linkage to the reader.
"The cargo bay contained a set of weapons capable of taking on virtually an entire air Force. A portable Galactic hyperlink access took over ten years to finally gain access to the galactic library systems, as the pass control code algorithms took another fifteen years to understand.
"An historic note, both Stan Ulam and Hans Bethe after viewing the ultra definition video of the library of Alexandria, and seeing it’s rooms with thousands of scrolls in records taken by Galactic archivists, were speechless for many minutes -saying over and over, 'burned, all burned, very sad...
"The direct access of these rich repositories, these jewel chests of mental and exo-meme treasures, has allowed these elites to see a wider higher more mature vision, of what we can be, to envision our future role in a tapestry of many diverse interstellar promises and threats."

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