The Great Pyramids - A Free Energy Device?

[Transcription for the video above...]
"The pyramid of Cheops has a big treasure, the treasure is the free energy. Pyramid was not a grave, and did not built from the Egyptians. They builted the other pyramids, which are imitation of the Great Pyramid, using them for Pharao's grave. The knowlenge of pyramid had lost, maybe from a big destroy who had made in earth. So, many people did not work so many years for a grave. There was a big reason to make such a big work. There was a big necessity for the people. And this is the WATER. The pyramid was a big aqueduct. They had water for their homes, their animals, their agriculture, etc. There are pyramids in all over the world: in China, in America, in Europe. All pyramids are near the rivers. They were connecting with them, and pumped water from the rivers, with this way who is the big secret of the pyramid. In the sides of the pyramid the temperature of the air was high because the sun. Opening the small holes, in the sides, the warm air get into the Kings Room. Then closed the holes and the air made cool, shrinked and sucked and pull over the water from the river bringing the water into the Kings Room. When the small holes opened the water goined down. So pyramid is a big pump. Today, 27/11/2007, having such a mechanism like pyramid, we have waterfall and this is energy. We put a generator and we will have electricity. We can have warm air from a glasshouse like the agricultures have. Free energy without cost, or smoke, or nuclear, or other who destroys the earth."

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