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[This is a monster work of research...]
Panacea's FREE energy suppression documentary (researcher's edition) is material intended to help the media publish the information to the public. Alternative and suppressed FREE energy devices are needed to be disclosed to the public with a suppression script to educate and motivate them to have all eyes on the cartels that would financially benefit from the suppression of this technology. This is to help achieve PUBLIC SOCIAL REFORM, safety, security, endorsement and build consumer awareness and demand. Unfortunately we can make no apologies that this researchers edition has over 10 hours of footage. We can assure you that together we will make this footage count and it will help us all wake people up and achieve our solution. It is the open source FREE energy communities collective goal to work together to counter this. We have included our proposed solution at the end of Part 2. The whole open source FREE energy genre is featured in Part 2 - friends, open source engineers, our technology, and some of our best achievements so far. Plus material the open source community has posted to help educate faculties, government and the public in FREE energy research.

[Part 1 has 53 segments...]

Panacea's FREE energy suppression documentary P1 - andrewg85

[...and Part 2 has 31]

Panacea's FREE energy suppression documentary P2 - andrewg85
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