Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Muluc, 12 Tzotz, 5 Caban
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, 'Be One! Be in Joy!'). The plans to move several major global governments into their transitional modes are currently being implemented. Of these, the American corporation, run by the dark cabal, constitutes the primary stumbling block to profound global change, but this impediment will quite shortly be unblocked. Then a range of transformative measures immediately go into effect worldwide. These include: the new pro-Basil III banking system, a new hard currency system, a number of new central banks, and global debt forgiveness. All this will come under the rubric of a new multinational financial system which forms a much-needed stopgap between the present financial morass and a new comprehensive system of abundance. Eventually this abundance is to outgrow the need for money as a survival mechanism because new 'miracle' technologies will give each household the ability to provide its own food, clothing, and furniture. This eliminates the need for farms, factories, and other staples of your present economy.
One of the purposes of this transitional state is for all of you to experience abundant prosperity and the creative freedom this brings, and to set up, among other things, a huge variety of non-profit, mutually supportive organizations. The present offensive plight of your world must be reversed! Basic human needs of every sort must be met throughout your world, and you will find that this evokes within you contentment and a joy you have never known before. Paramount among these activities is to be the transformation of schisms and hatred into worldwide cooperation and peace. Moving beyond ancient animosities is most important to our Earth allies and to us. If your planet is to survive, you need to quickly change your current misperceptions of each other, drop those beliefs that were used to separate you, and come together as a global people in freedom and sovereignty. We have told our Earth allies that thousands of nations, long scattered and crushed, are to have their day in the sun. The world is to witness the resurgence of many new nations and revel in the freedom that permits them to be reborn.
A slosh of wonderful new technologies is to transform how your society operates. Your cities and suburbs will be rebuilt. Vast greenbelts will replace your farms and factories, giving a miraculous face-lift to your environment! This will be the prelude to the announcements that end the cover-up of our benevolent existence. The first step of this process addresses the UFO cover-up and introduces the public to the amazing technologies developed over the past six decades by your major governments. We shall request that these devices, long in use in many covert bases, be disclosed. These disclosures form a preamble to the formal broadcast about this first contact mission. Over the past few decades we have groomed a number of individuals and governments to proclaim our presence. Then, at the right time, the Galactic Federation and this mission in particular are to be made known to you. The disclosure that you are not alone and that a great deal of secret technology exists needs to be revealed in digestible bites.

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