Wiltshire Orbs

Orbs encountered in Wiltshire, September 2009.
Preliminary research suggests that there are two types of orbs,
which I[Neil Kramer] classify as follows:
(i) 3D environmental particulate matter or camera lens effects, and
(ii) 4D conscious entities.
Most orbs are of the first 3D kind.
They are composed of natural stuff floating around in the air,
or lens reflections -dust, pollen, moisture,
rain, snow, lens flare, refracted light etc.
The second kind of orb, the 4D kind,
seems differentiated from the environmental variety
in that they are somehow self-illuminated and
demonstrate independent movement.
Whether seen with the naked eye or through a lens,
they appear to absorb and/or sustain photons,
rather than simply reflect light from an external source.
They have more substance and feel intelligent.
Some researchers suggest they are conscious energy in a plasmic state.

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