Project Camelot interviews Dr. Pete Peterson

A very general list of the subjects discussed in this 3hr++ interview:
• The probable (in Dr Peterson's strong opinion) collapse of the economy, infrastructure, and law and order in the US.
• The planned disclosure of the ET presence.
• The Aurora (now retired from service and replaced by vehicles capable of superluminal travel) and the TR3B (the large flying triangle, which functions as an aircraft carrier).
Artificial intelligence and advanced robotics.
• The "information field" and how the body, the mind, and DNA really function.
• Healing modalities which work very rapidly and effectively.
• 'Rescuing' brilliant scientists out of the old USSR.
• How Mir (the Russian Space Station) was so heavy that it could not have been assembled without 'help' from our 'friends' (or, to be exact, the Russians' friends).
• Time spent in the Vatican Library.
• The existence of Sumerian high technology.
Quantum computing (off-camera, Dr Peterson held in his hand a cheap quantum chip, which he had assembled himself in his own laboratory, with the computing power of 10,000 PCs).
• The genius of James Clerk Maxwell, and why Einstein was wrong.
• Why you should not spend too much time in front of your new Digital TV.
• The reality of the US prison camps.
• How President Obama was (in all probability) set up.
• How he came to understand that 15% of the world's population (of all races) have ET ancestry that can be seen in their DNA - and are also resistant to mind control technologies.

Dr Peterson is currently scheduled to speak at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference in Los Angeles on 19-20 September.
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