Benjamin Fulford Blog -9.08.2009

· Signs of American decline are everywhere.
Signs of the coming collapse of the US empire are everywhere. First of all, you have the US’s main supplier of money, Japan, fall under control of a government that does not want to buy any more US treasuries. This alone spells doom.
To add to their woes, as already mentioned, the Chinese are not going to let themselves get ripped off by fraudulent derivatives contracts. They have also been avoiding Treasuries. Bye-bye money center banks and bye-bye Federal Reserve.
Then, you have Russian and German leaders meeting in Poland and forcing the US to back off its plan to put missiles there. It is like saying to the US: “Eastern Europe is no longer your turf.”
Meanwhile in the US back yard of Latin America Mexico and Argentina are decriminalizing drugs. The US would have been able to prevent that even a few years ago.
With the September 30th deadline approaching, this sort of news is spilling out of the corporate media. They can no longer keep the big lie going.
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judynz said...

Benjamin, This defaulting on payments is simply part of America's scheme to break the country & they are merely using China to hide behind.
To me its just full steam ahead.

judynz said...

Hi All,
Since I tried 3x to post my message on Benjamins site(posted above) It looks like hes not letting me near his site. I have wanted dearly to be a fan of his, despite his sniffing like a cocaine sniffer. I can only conclude that he is indeed a phoney...& despite the fact that he back tracks on his own words IE the Japanese guys that had marked 10 000 of the Top NWO
& take them out.
I was in full ageement
with the fact that this wasnt a great idea & for mostly the same reasons he gave. But there has been more backtracking since. I shall keep watching but I cant even have a smidgen of faith in him anymore. Sorry if this disillusions some of you who like me have been keeping a wary eye on what Ben has been saying yet hoping he could offer us something to hold onto.