Benjamin Fulford Blog -8.3.2009

·Will the Pope confess to world leaders?
Prime Minister Taro Aso is Catholic and part of the 3% of the Japanese population that is Christian.
The question is, will the Pope tell them the truth about how the Catholic Church is actually run by a sun-worshipping Egyptian priesthood that believes in reincarnation? Will he also confess that Christianity was an artificially concocted form of mind-control designed to rebind the masses? (The word Religion comes from the Latin re-ligare or to rebind). Will he also explain that Jesus Christ was a freemason who studied in India and China, and how most of his writings are kept secret from the masses? Will he also admit that Jesus was killed by the Romans because he led a slave revolt against Roman tyranny? I[BF] doubt it, but you never know...
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jan Philip Johl said...

lieber benjamin, i discovered your existence, ideas, thoughts, truth & action plans this week and i love it.
have you also already heard of the cost-free knowledge of the brahma kumaris world spiritual university ? they have a centre in every major town on this planet and also tell what it is all about !
greetings, jan from happy germany (www.madeinhappygermany.de)