Benjamin Fulford Blog -8.27.2009

·Answers to questions from a reader.
Q: People are wondering how the Queen fits in with all this. What her power might be to intervene, is she a player for the Coalition or a part of the Cabal?
A: The queen has been flipping and flopping back and forth, but our latest intelligence has it that she fully supports the new financial system and a new Marshall plan for the planet earth.

Q: The Vatican is another question mark. Did you have plans to meet with them? Did that happen already?
A: So far there has only been the meeting with Leo Zagami. However, the pope has come out publicly in support of the new financial system. The Italians also confiscated the $134.5 billion the Federal Reserve was trying to fraudulently launder. So, it seems the Vatican is with the good guys now.

Q: There is a lot of speculation about whether the dollar will be devalued here in America: This along with rumored plans again of a NAU.
A: A dollar devaluation would be equivalent to the US unilaterally defaulting on its debt to the rest of the world: the rest of the world will not allow that to happen. The US could not pull that one off because 90% of dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Those dollars are now backed by gold. All Fed dollars created after September 11, 2008 are not.

Q: Everyone is waiting for the Bank Holiday which has not materialized.
A: Be patient, my sources and other people’s sources still expect something by the end of September but it could be delayed even a bit longer after that date.

Q: Is there going to be immunity for the Presidents and others?
A: It might be a good idea if that is what is necessary to get the cabal to step aside peacefully. However, they have killed a lot of people and there is a lot of anger towards them so I would be very scared if I was one of them.

Q: What about this vaccine? Will this Cabal fall before any of this can be realized?
A: There is no chance whatsoever they will be allowed to carry out genocide by vaccine.
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