Fire the Grid II -28.7.2009


What We Know
On July 17th 2007 at 11:11 GMT, human beings from every corner of the world participated in the largest mass meditation the earth has ever seen. A wonderful accomplishment in itself but more so seeing as how the entire event transpired. With but an initial email; a website designed and created completely benevolently; three willing participants and instructions from the Divine, Fire the Grid expanded with the principles of purity of intention, and as more like-minded humans united with us in this undertaking, the website grew to encompass 14 languages and millions upon millions of visitors.
We have been and were intended to be lightning rods for the planet. We were the conduit between the earth and the Great Divine. We were put upon this planet to navigate, explore and learn. Our true purpose was to experience. Experience all with joy and then be grateful for the experience. We were left with instructions as to how to maintain our connection to Source. This connection was paramount to us as it was the way in which we would charge our eternal energy system. Why would that be important to us? Well, a healthy energy system would make a happy healthy human; a healthy energy system allows for a fuller richer earthly experience. These instructions were intended for us to maintain a loving joyful connection with our Source, all the while experiencing fully what being in form on earth provides.

So where do we find ourselves now?
The grid is well lit, meaning that there are more humans awake and aware than ever before in the history of our time here on earth. It means we have many conduits working at their maximum level to facilitate great change. It means that we no longer have to live in the world that was but can create the world we choose. It means there are enough of us willing and ready to assist in global change. We know what was created from nothing in FTG. We see how many of us there actually are. People from all over the world are ready, together.

The Plan
We will sit in contemplation of the world that will be. This is an hour of earthly creation with the highest degree of pure intention. Use meditation, prayer, thought, music or intention - any tool of your choosing to manifest the world we so desire into being. Imagine millions of humans sitting, taking a stand for something better; a world of equality of balance of harmony and joy. We will gather for one hour and hold the vision of a world fed, a world of abundance for all, a world of joyful experiences. This world holds pure potential for all humans.
To summarize, what we will do on July 28, 2009 at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time, is unite as one, sharing our purest intention to create a new world. As each of us as individuals see the earth in its true potential, collectively we will begin to create a world with untold possibilities. Hold that intention for an hour. During that time, the energy stored in the crystal beds under Brazil will be released and we will allow that energy to pass through us on its way back to Source.

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