Crop Circles -2009 Update- Numbers 55, 56, 57 & 58

[***NOTE: The old number 55, from the previous post, 'Crop Circles -2009 Update- Nº 55 +USA!' is now 56 (with better images!), and the new 55 is a belated addition reported on July 28, and updated, in Crop Circle Connector, on July 31***]

[Formation Nº 55 @ Winterbourne Bassett - nr Avebury, Wiltshire - reported July 28, 2009]

"I don’t know if you heard that a formation was reported on the 28th of July at Winterbourne Bassett. The farmer destroyed it early in the morning before anyone had the chance to photograph it from the air or visit it on the ground.
Today I went over there to take a look at the sad remains of the formation. All I could make out was that it had been fairly large (seems to have spanned five tram lines) and that the periphery had been made up by a ring about one metre wide. From the few sections of stalks still lying on the ground, it looked like the pattern must have been quite complex.
To my great joy, I discovered that the farmer had not cut grapeshot at the corner of the field. Seeing the elegant swirl in that little circle (about to metres in diameter), I can only imagine that the lay in the main formation must have been very beautiful."
· Eva-Marie Brekkestø ·

[Formation Nº 56 (old 55) @ Ogbourne St Andrew - nr Marlborough, Wiltshire - reported July 29, 2009]
[...this is a much better image!]

[Formation Nº 57 @ Winterbourne Bassett - nr Avebury, Wiltshire - reported July 31, 2009]

[The big blank circle is Nº 55! The farmer must be annoyed :) ]

[Formation Nº 58 @ Hackpen Hill - nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire - reported July 31, 2009]

[Those farmers...]

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