Crop Circle depicts solar eruptions hitting Earth on July 7

A new crop picture at Milk Hill on June 21, 2009 seems to provide one of the least ambiguous indications so far, that our Sun will truly emit a series of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) toward Earth in the near future, perhaps on the full Moon of July 7, 2009.
Our best theoretical matches to the crop formation boxes were for upcoming dates of July 6 or 7, 2009. Why would those crop artists go to all the trouble of showing us sextant and orrery shapes, then coding that orrery with six rectangular boxes which mean July 6 or 7, 2009, unless something significant were going to happen at that time?
A giant breach in the magnetosphere reported by NASA on December 16, 2008 makes it far easier for solar plasma to enter into the Earth’s atmosphere. For the full 11 year period of Solar Cycle 24 which is expected to peak in 2013 according to latest estimates, the Earth will be vulnerable to any Coronal Mass Ejections directly aimed at it from the sun. If the interpretations of crop circle researchers are correct, then we will shortly directly observe the impact of solar energy from CMEs passing through the magnetosphere breach.
According to crop circle researchers, the source of the complex crop circles clearly answers the question of how extraterrestrials might communicate with an evolving planetary civilization. So Paul Allen and SETI take note for future funding projects. Extraterrestrials may be warning us through crop circles that the Solar Surf is about to go up. If so, better get those solar panels ready to ride the waves since the electric grid is sure to wash out.
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